Finding Peace Within Your Soul

It’s been said the soul is the essence of who we are; an all-encompassing aspect of what exists between our mind, body, and beyond. The beauty of the soul is that each of us has our own interpretation of what soul means to us and the relationship we have with our soul. Some may consider the soul a form of scientific energy, while others relate to it as connection to spirit or a higher power. Wherever you fall in this range, below are universal ways we can nurture our soul a bit more. While reading, I encourage you to consider the aspects that resonate best, and, as always, make it your own!


We can’t get far in any relationship if we don’t accept and lean into the truth of the dynamic, which is true for the one we have with our soul as well. Being unconditionally truthful is nurturing for many reasons, but a major one is it allows us the freedom and courage to exist as we are- beautifully flawed and courageously strong. When we run away from our truth, we essentially send the message of what is acceptable and what isn’t for who we fundamentally are. That’s not only mean, but limiting. We do this with the right intention- protect, protect, protect- but we all know intentions don’t always translate well when the delivery is poor. So how can you protect/love/honor/accept yourself authentically and truthfully? Consider this and I will leave you with one of my favorite mantras, “it’s not good or bad, it just is,” or rather- regardless of judgment, I will accept this truth as it is and allow it to be as it may.

Connect with a Passion

One of the best ways to make our souls feel nurtured and alive is by connecting with our passion. Now, this doesn’t mean do a little art here and there, but truly connect with it and nurture it as if it is a child, pet, or a hard-to-keep orchid! Fully immerse yourself in the experience of your passion- what do you notice about yourself when you are experiencing this passion (compared to doing). For instance, I come alive when I am reading outside- I feel the calmness flow through my body, I smile unapologetically, and there’s a freeing lightness that ripples through me. I can’t explain yet I know it’s my soul basking in the nurturance of the sun and a good book. For others, perhaps a passion is yoga, connecting with your Religion, Reiki, dancing, spa days with time spent in salt rooms, and so forth.

The Power of Music

I actually don’t know anyone who doesn’t connect with music in some way so I’m going to be bold and say music is one of our main lines of communication with our souls. No truly! Science has shown a frequency of 432 Hz generates a universal sense of calmness, relaxation, and healing when exposed. And as much as I would love to go into the full science of various frequencies, I’ll offer the following for the purpose of this blog: regardless of the hertz, find the music that speaks to you most, that makes you feel so alive, understood, and takes you to another place- your soul’s place? We all have those songs that we immediately turn to when we need healing- it’s no coincidence so turn your music on and nurture your soul!


Oh mindfulness, you never seem to fail when it comes to nurturing. Mindfulness, not to be confused with meditation, is so useful for connecting us with ourselves in such a deep level. It allows us to really see ourselves from an alternative perspective- your mind’s eye if you will. By connecting with what we are experiencing in the here and now, we ae able to see the fullness our ourselves without distraction or needless judgment. The great news- you can do this at any moment. One of my go-tos for connecting with my soul? I think of a color associated with want I want to welcome into my mind-body-soul, and breathe out a color that I wish to release while imagining the inhale coming up from the soles of my feet, moving all the way through my body, and, as I exhale, watching the dark color release out of the top of my head. This wonderful technique is called color breathing and can certainly be modified as you desire.

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