Surviving Valentine’s Day

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Real Life Valentine’s Tips

Valentine’s Day is suppose to be all about love and feeling happy. Often though, February 14th is anything but that!

Whether you are single and tired of hearing about everyone else’s romantic significant other; are a parent worn-out by life & kids and the idea of celebrating Valentines with kids in tow is much less enjoyable than an evening out with just your spouse, or you and your partner are experiencing conflict that just won’t go away and you aren’t sure if your relationship will survive, we understand!

Here are some tips we’ve found to help you make the most of Valentine’s Day!

1. Set helpful expectations. The Hallmark movie version of two people perfectly meeting each other’s needs is not real!  When we believe this incorrect fantasy, then normal relationship ups & downs feel like a failure. Let go of what Valentine’s Day is “suppose” to be and instead, talk with your spouse/significant other to determine what would make the day meaningful to both of you.

2. If you are single, do something that expresses love and appreciation for yourself. Don’t wait for others to give you compassion, gratitude or pleasant experiences. Think of what would bring you happiness and then just do it!

3. If you feel particularly lonely or unloved, write a gratitude list. Getting out of your head on Valentine’s Day is vital when you feel constantly reminded that you are alone.

4. If you are having conflict with your romantic partner, write a letter of gratitude to them. This helps you focus upon your significant other’s strengths and reminds you of why you fell in love in the first place.

5. If work, kids, or life stressors have left you and your partner burned out, spend time asking one another these Connection QuestionsEven if some of the questions are tailored to first-date questions, they are a fun way to connect and talk about something other than what is dragging you down!

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