Summer Self-Care Tips

Lazy rivers. Poolside siestas. Beach bonfires. Ahh…the best time of year – summer!.

We often have great intentions for summer rest & relaxation but sometimes we get so busy that we don’t truly take time for ourselves to unwind and improve our mental health.

Here are 8 quick tips to help you take care of yourself this summer!


#1. Take a break from technology.

Whether it’s not using an electronic device two hours before bed or going a whole day (or a whole week!) with no phone, a break from technology does your body good. Blue-light emitted from smart-phones and tablets increase the difficulty of sleeping and if we could go without a phone ten years ago for a day, then chances are – you can survive now.

Time away from devices helps you reconnect with loved ones, participate in activities you once enjoyed and be more mindful of your surroundings.

 #2. Participate in playful activities.

What are all those summer activities that made childhood so much fun? A slip&slide? Riding bikes till dusk? A watermelon seed spitting contest?  Make a list of 3 really fun childhood memories and re-create them.

#3. Spend time near water.

Water is soothing. Especially here in the Lowcountry. Getting to see the tides go in and out, every single day reminds you that life keeps moving. That there is an ebb & flow to life and that you can heal from the difficulties currently facing you. If possible, spend an hour at the beach listening to the waves crash – it relaxes your mind and soothes the soul.

#4. Savor fresh foods and drink more water.

What we put into our bodies does affect our mental health. Summertime is a great season to eat healthy, fresh food. And drinking that water is going to help you feel refreshed and have the energy for getting outside to soak up some sun.

#5.  Wake up earlier.

This can be especially helpful if you are a parent! Getting up 30 minutes before your kids allow you quiet time to read something that nourishes your mind (not your email), savor your cup of caffeine, or even take a brisk walk before the day gets too hot.

#6. Spend time outside.

Gardening in the dirt, listening to the bird’s chirp, picking wildflowers at the beach – find something you cherish doing outside. Do this Being outside in nature will help you de-stress.

#7. Remember not every day or any day has to be perfect. 
This is really important if you a parent. Your kids are going to be bored, that’s good – boredom breeds creativity. There are some days when all you want to accomplish is a nap, that’s good – it recharges your physical energy. And some days, you’re going to wonder how you’ll make it through the remaining 52 days of summer and that’s okay! Strive for an okay summer with moments of sweetness, and you’re taking the pressure off yourself of having to provide a perfect summer for yourself or those kids of yours.

#8. Give yourself permission to take time for yourself without feeling guilty.

No matter what self-care looks like for you, enjoy it! Spend your time in activities that feed your soul, reduce anxiety, and help you de-stress. A more relaxed mind helps you to yell less at your kids, be more thoughtful with your partner, and have a more engaged brain for work!

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