ADHD in Children

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Do you have a child who can’t seem to sit still, who is prone to temper tantrums and frustration, or who talks incessantly? Are you worried your child might have ADHD but are concerned about the over-prescribing of medications or strapping your child with a label?

You’re not alone. Many parents have the same worries as you. The truth is that ADHD is complicated, and there’s no one test, treatment, or medication that is guaranteed to work for all children. Symptoms of ADHD can also be symptoms of other issues, such as a sudden life change, undetected seizures, anxiety, or medical disorders affecting brain function among others, and a misdiagnosis can cause as many issues as the problems themselves.

Diagnosing ADHD requires gathering information from many different sources. You, your child’s teacher and other school professionals, other caregivers, and even other parents who spend time with your child can be helpful in assessing your child’s behavior. There are 3 types of ADHD in children:

  • Combined type (inattentive/hyperactive/impulsive). Children with this type of ADHD show all three symptoms. This is the most common form of ADHD.
  • Hyperactive/impulsive type. Children show both hyperactive and impulsive behavior, but for the most part, they are able to pay attention.
  • Inattentive type. Formerly called attention deficit disorder (ADD). These children are not overly active. They do not disrupt the classroom or other activities, so their symptoms might not be noticed.

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Studies show that children treated with a combination of medication and behavioral modification have better results than those treated with medication alone or those undergoing no treatment at all. Children who underwent behavioral therapy also formed better social skills long term.

If you are concerned that your child might have ADHD, please call us at 843-501-1099. We can help you understand the symptoms, test your child, and assist both of you in moving forward.

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