New Year, Same Old Depression


Does this sound familiar? While everyone else is planning big New Year’s Eve parties, setting their resolutions, and brimming with hope for what the next year might bring, you’re wrapped in a cocoon in bed, wondering if you’ll ever feel like a real person connected to the world.

For people with depression, the start of a new year can trigger anxiety, nervousness, and dread at what’s to come. A big landmark like New Year’s Day, even if it is an arbitrary “starting point,” can lead to feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness. Unfortunately, there’s no easy fix for depression, but you’re definitely not alone in feeling like this, particularly this time of the year.

New Year’s Day has the tendency to make us worry about the future while simultaneously tallying up our perceived failures over the past year, which can be brutal. Then we might turn to negative coping mechanisms, such as alcohol, food, or isolating ourselves, which only compounds the problem. This can be enough to send anyone into a shame spiral, and people with depression are uniquely susceptible.

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If you feel like you’re experiencing New Year’s Blues or that pre-existing depression has been made worse with the holidays, there are plenty of short term and long term exercises you can do to change your outlook. Focusing on gratitude with a daily meditation or a journal. Revisiting your successes rather than your perceived failures. Getting moderate exercise and drinking more water. Something as simple as saying a prayer in the morning has been shown to ease the symptoms of depression.

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