ADHD in Adults

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Do you have trouble following directions? Difficulty organizing tasks? Are concentrating and remembering information impossible chores? Do you rarely finish your work on time? If any of these statements apply to you, it is possible that you have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and yes, ADHD does affect adults.

About 60% of children diagnosed with ADHD “grow out” of their symptoms, but up to 5% of adults in the U.S. have ADHD, some who were diagnosed as children, some who were not. Unfortunately, few adults go through diagnosis and treatment. Instead, they live their lives thinking they are disorganized, have poor memories, and simply work slower than their counterparts.

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Adults with ADHD face more issues than simply being distractible. ADHD can lead to anxiety, boredom, chronic lateness, anger issues, low self-esteem, substance abuse, low tolerance for frustration, and problems at work and at home.

The good news about ADHD is that there are tests designed to figure out if ADHD is what is troubling you and evidence based treatments that can help you manage the symptoms and improve your overall enjoyment of life.

If you think you may have ADHD, below is a self-reporting checklist that can help you determine if you might want to seek help specifically for ADHD. This checklist cannot give you a formal diagnosis, but it can help you understand some of the issues you may be facing.

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